Bernards Township Citizens for Responsible Development
a NJ Non Profit Corporation


As an organization that wants to help the local community, we offer advice on how to improve the online presence of small businesses.

In today's digital era, it is very important for small businesses to have a web site so that they can be visible on the market, whether it's local or international.


There are multiple solutions for small businesses that can speed up this digitization process. Those businesses that do not have the money to develop a developer for their website that will maintain it regularly and who will add new content when needed can try out the various CMS platforms that will speed up this process and ease it at a low cost.


Building a site for your business is daunting -- we all know from first-hand expertise.


You are working hard and don't want the extra strain of running a website online.


You might think you're not good enough with computers and building a website could take too long and cost too much.


Fantastic news! Having a website is a great way of boosting your small company and reaching more customers as well as thanks to drag and drop site builders, it is possible to construct one in the exact same time it takes to cook a good Thanksgiving dinner.


If you are concerned you don't have the time or ability to build a small business site, you are in the ideal place. Our recommended platforms make getting your little business set up online look simple.


So how do you opt for the right site builder for your small business? Each company differs, right?


There is no one-size-fits-all solution -- which builder is best for you will depend on what you hope to attain through your small business site.


You might think you're not good enough with computers and building a website could take too long and cost too much.



We’ll explain why we think the best website builders for small business owners are:


Exai is the best site builder for small businesses since it is powerful, simple to use and provides excellent all-round flexibility when making your site.


You'll be able to create a website for your small business in hours and get online quite quickly and easily. Plus, you will never have to worry about optimization and maintenance because the platform does this for you.


Wix might not be very as simple to use as Wix (the supreme drag and drop builder), or an ecommerce specialist (Shopify and BigCommerce), but their superbly designed templates and phenomenal image quality make it a very distinctive offering.


Wix is a drag and drop expert in its own right. If your company relies heavily on visuals like portfolios and merchandise images (you might be a photographer or an artist, for example), you'll want to seriously look at using Squarespace to build your business website.


Weebly is ideal for when you're looking for the easiest route for getting your small business online, and don't require a fancy site bursting with features -- it's a great tool for accessing your internet business off the floor.


Additionally, it is quite simple to make changes to images and copy and you could genuinely build a decent-looking store on Weebly between breakfast and lunch. To add content to your site, all you want to do is drag and drop the attribute or styling you want to where you would like it to appear.


GoDaddy is great for obtaining a simple site live quickly. The builder is easy to use and simply presented, and what it lacks in style it makes up for with convenience. It's the fastest product for building a site, so it is very convenient for those short on time.


Each of our 4 recommended programs means small business owners just like you're able to get online without spending heaps of money employing professional developers and designers.